Monday, August Sixth, Two Thousand & Twelve

Kristina and the boys picked some ripe  Roma tomatoes from our summer garden for us to enjoy! |Toledo,OH

An overcast afternoon this weekend made the temperatures a little more bearable, so we took a walk through a park over in Kansas |Kansas City, MO

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3 thoughts on “Monday, August Sixth, Two Thousand & Twelve

  1. Wow i would have thought you guys were getting them sooner considering the weather there. Roma’s are always pretty. This morning in Toledo felt like fall 60 degree weather, we are also enjoying cool nights on the porch.

    • A lot of people did get tomatoes earlier but we got ours planted a little later.

      60 degrees sounds amazing! We were pretty excited on Sunday when it only got up in the 90’s — that felt cool compared to what it’s been!

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