Monday, September Seventeenth, Two Thousand & Twelve

I guess great minds think alike we were able to explore Highland  Park  thats really close to our house…we did not know it was so big and beautiful. This bright yellow leaf really stuck out to me.  |Toledo,Oh

Fallen leaves at the park this weekend. We packed a picnic dinner — and some homework — and stayed until it got dark. |Kansas City, MO

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2 thoughts on “Monday, September Seventeenth, Two Thousand & Twelve

  1. Well sounds like a relaxing evening for you both. Enjoy your childless years as much as possible! Not that having children aren’t awesome it just changes a lot of what and when you can do it. Love seeing your photos your really putting the camera to good use.

    • Haha…yes, I imagine a trip to the park looks quite a bit different for you guys these days :-). And thank you! I’ve been enjoying the camera for sure! It’s nice having a creative outlet like that in the midst of busyness, too.

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