Friday, October Twelfth, Two Thousand & Twelve

A reading time with the boys the Foot Book one of their favorites. Kristina took this photos one foot is Elijah’s and one foot is Mattais’s .

After staying up late nearly every night this week, working on a big project due this weekend, I decided to take the evening off and baked this apple/pear tart instead, made with fruit given to us by some friends (the cooler weather makes me want to bake a lot more) |Kansas City, MO

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4 thoughts on “Friday, October Twelfth, Two Thousand & Twelve

  1. That looks so delicious I think it was probably worth skipping homework to bake! Kristina just brought home a bag of apples from here grandmothers! Maybe I can talk here into making something like this.

  2. It was delicious and totally worth skipping homework for :-). It was pretty easy, too. You basically just take regular pie crust, roll it out into a large circle, layer the apples on top, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, and bake it. When it’s done, you can brush on a syrup made by boiling the peels and cores with 1/2 cup sugar and enough water to cover them.

    Also, I love the foot picture 🙂

  3. Ok, I’m gonna make this tart because it does sound easy and delicious! We have so many apples and plenty more we can grab from my grandmother’s tree. Thanks for inspiring me…mmmm—-Kristina

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