Friday, November ninth, Two Thousand & Twelve

This week we started to winterize the yard and cleaned out the garden beds.We gathered the last of the herbs (they smelled so delicious) and put them in a mason jar on the kitchen window sill. |Toledo Oh

On Tuesday Derek and I voted (it was my first time ever voting for president). It may not have been the most beautiful part of this season (elections often bring out a less-than-beautiful side to people), but it has certainly been a significant part. In the end, the process made me more convinced than ever that we need God’s revelation on how to bring about social justice, because politics just don’t give satisfactory answers on either side. |Kansas City, MO

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4 thoughts on “Friday, November ninth, Two Thousand & Twelve

  1. I love that herb photo! The contrast of colors is beautiful! I almost chose a beautiful sunlight picture to go next to it instead of my voting one, just because it would look nicer :-), but I decided I should stick with what I originally chose.

    We still need to winterize our garden. I heard that it’s supposed to get pretty cold next week (below freezing), so it’s probably time.

  2. So glad voting season is over too! I didn’t even want to vote but I did. It for sure brought out the worst in some people.This month we had handfuls of shiny expensive political mailers every day in our mailbox. The waste of money makes me sick.

  3. I bet! We didn’t get too many — mostly just a few the final week or two — but I bet with you guys living in Ohio you got tons! And in the end, political ads are pretty useless because they usually focus on why to NOT vote for the other person πŸ˜›

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