Monday, November, Two Thousand & Twelve

I gathered some wood from our pile to take as host gift to a friends house where we enjoyed a cookout and a fire. It’s hard to believe this season is nearing its end. |Toledo,OH

This weekend was unusually full of fellowship, with collective, a baby shower, a birthday party, and an authentic Scottish breakfast for dinner with friends. On top of all that, we joined a couple friends for lunch on Sunday at this little Vietnamese cafe. It had turned cold that day, with temperatures hovering near freezing, and we even saw some pellets of snow as we walked from the car to the cafe. Thankfully lunch was warm and so tasty!|Kansas City, MO

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6 thoughts on “Monday, November, Two Thousand & Twelve

  1. It is always fun to have extra fellowship with friends and the food looks delicious too. That restaurant sounds like a neat little placebo eat and hangout. We had some snow sightings here also but barley any. Are you guys coming home for the holidays this year?

    • We are! In fact, Derek just got the time off approved yesterday (we were kind of waiting to see what was going to happen with an internship he’d applied for, but didn’t end up getting). We’ll be contacting you guys soon because we for sure want to see you while we’re in town!

      • That’s awesome let us know the dates! Our home is always open if you guys want to stay. What do you guys think about another thrifty gift exchange?

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