Friday, November Sixteenth, Two Thousand & Twelve

This week we celebrated Jeff’s dads birthday by making him a cake and had dinner with the family too. I made chocolate ganache frosting for the first time! it was so delicious….only two ingredients chocolate chips and heavy whipping cream.  |Toledo,OH

It’s starting to get cool enough to justify wearing scarves now (at least this morning). This vibrant red one was an unexpected gift from a stranger this week. I was having coffee with a friend outside of a local coffee shop. A man came by with his dog and ended up asking us to watch the dog while he ran in for some coffee. It took him a while and when he came out he had bought a scarf for each of us.  |Kansas City, MO

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4 thoughts on “Friday, November Sixteenth, Two Thousand & Twelve

  1. Pretty scarf, and fun story about the gift for watching the dog. Love how we both posted bright orangey red colors, appropriate for this season. And I only like two kinds of frosting, cream cheese and ganache. It was so fudge like, we had extra and ate it by the spoonful.

    • I loved the colors, too! Red is one of my favorites, especially this time of year.

      And yeah, it was a fun surprise to receive a scarf. It was one of those moments that felt like a sweet gift from the Lord, even though it was technically from the stranger.

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