Monday, November Nineteenth, Two Thousand & Twelve

Black Kite Coffee Shop which is the new buzz of the Old West End community I love this spot.This week I photographed an event the 100 project sponsored by O magazine and Crocs. This project which wis themed happy feet was to raise awareness on homelessness in our community through an  agency called Focus. Only 100 women were chosen nation wide and they loved Cathy’s story they could win the 10,000 dollar prize if the submission is chosen. I love photographing events like this. I left with a goodie bag for the family a pair of Crocs for myself and Kristina  and 2 Crock hats for the boys as a gift. All money raised will go to help with toiletries tickes were 50 bucks a piece so I think they raised a good amount. |Toledo Ohio

On Sunday we found Starbucks decked out with holiday decorations, with their holiday coffee blend lining the windowsill.  |Kansas City, MO

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4 thoughts on “Monday, November Nineteenth, Two Thousand & Twelve

  1. That sounds like a really neat event to photograph! And I know I’ve heard you mention that coffee shop before. Maybe we’ll have to check it out when we’re in town over Christmas :-).

    By the way, another thrift store exchange sounds great!

    • Thanks Rebecca, Yes! We love Black Kite Coffee we will and must go there! Excited for gift store exchange! looks like a tradition for us now. Let us know details when you have them about being in town!

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