Friday, November Twenty-Third, Two Thousand & Twelve

Rebecca i think it is so interesting how we both captured images of stories being told fro the past… I love hearing them from people who have spent a well lived life. This year we gathered at Kristina’s grandmothers house,  we were the first to arrive. Oh how I love the smells of thanksgiving and the eating too. The weather was unusually warm a 62 degrees. So back to the stories…Kristina’s grandmother Joan was telling me the story of the antique centerpiece and how it has survived over the years her late husband Paul had repaired it several times…It was a gift to her and has sat on the table every year since for thanksgiving. It has been a wonderful year and we are so thankful for what God has given us.| Toledo,OH

This year we shared Thanksgiving dinner with some Kansas City friends who have become like family to us this year. Before dinner, Margaret opened up her cedar chest and all of us women gathered around to see the hand-crafted history it contained, including her grandmother’s handkerchief collection, a variety of hand-embroidered linens, crocheted doilies, and even the christening gown that Grandma Clara (whose hands are pictured here) wore in 1933, handmade by her great aunt. |Kansas City, MO

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2 thoughts on “Friday, November Twenty-Third, Two Thousand & Twelve

  1. It sounds like a fun Thanksgiving and what a great thing to have friends that feel like family around. That is such an amazing story that she would still have that from 1933! I saw some of the other photos on facebook fro the gathering

  2. It is neat to see how you captured a bit of family history, too. I think the holidays often have a way of bringing out those stories and traditions (I think of my grandparents, who use the same set of nativity candles — unlit, of course, so they last — for Christmas every year). I love it!

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