Monday, December Seventeenth, Two Thousand & Twelve


This Saturday I was going to be in the Detroit area picking a friend up a friend from the airport….so I decided to go early. I ended up in a neighborhood called Cork Town. In this little are that you are seeing is a Coffee houses called Astro and the best barbecue place In town called Slow’s. I had so much fun exploring the area I cant wait to go back. |Toledo,Ohio

On Saturday we went to see our friends Mark and Heather Miller, of So Long Solo, perform at a local venue. They spend the year traveling around the country doing concerts and this was going to be their only one in the area all year, so we were excited to finally see them perform (check them out on their facebook page — they are giving away all three of their albums through the end of December). |Kansas City, MO

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4 thoughts on “Monday, December Seventeenth, Two Thousand & Twelve

  1. That’s a neat photo from Detroit! You should ask my sister Sara sometime about the fun places for photos that she’s found in the Detroit area (she teaches there). And I remember Derek’s sister talking about Slow’s — I heard they were really good!

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