Friday, January Eleventh, Two Thousand & Thirteen


For some reason I got the urge to learn how to make artisan bread…so I headed to the cupboards in the kitchen  and grabbed the ingredients I needed. This was an olive and basil garlic bread. We let the bread rise for a few hours and then baked it in the morning…it was so good!| Toledo,OH


Tuesday night we gathered with some friends for a potluck and game night. By the end of the night we’d laughed so hard my sides hurt! | Kansas City, MO

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6 thoughts on “Friday, January Eleventh, Two Thousand & Thirteen

  1. Game nights are always fun! I love the photo too it looks timeless. Speaking of game nights we had a few friends over for a cookout…yes in January it was 64 degrees in Toledo. we played a new card game it think it was called 3 of a kind and it was really fun too.

  2. Mmm…your bread looks amazing! (and so did that lunch picture you posted today!). I love making bread, but haven’t done it much recently. I’ll have to send you the recipe for pizza crust I’ve been using lately. You mix it together the night before (which takes all of five minutes), then let it sit overnight (and for up to four days). It makes a crispy, flavorful thin crust

    • Rebecca thanks it really was good…for some reason I have really wanted to learn to become and artisan bread maker. I would love your recipe! This week I made communion bread for a prayer night Stacy hosted to pray for all of the people who have been getting sick.

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