Friday, January Eighteenth, Two Thousand & Thirteen


With the colder weather this season being inside ha its perks. Elijah has really been interested in leaning how to read and write…so we figured we would teach him how to recognize his name. Over Christmas he knew all the gifts that were for him because if the letter E in his name. We have taught him how to write…but one day he really surprised us and came running from the den and he said ” look I made my name”! It was a perfect E that he drew without even looking at the letter. He is going really well with learning the other letters too!  The E is in the bottom right corner of the paper. |Toledo,OH

This new year, Derek and I have been trying to be more conscious about how we eat, recognizing that in the busyness of school and work last year, we had fallen back on more processed, unhealthy foods. Now we’re trying to rely more on quick, fairly cheap recipes that are also healthier. This peanut pasta stir fry has been one of our favorites for a while because it fits all three of those criteria (and makes plenty for leftovers).| Kansas City, MO

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One thought on “Friday, January Eighteenth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

  1. Rebecca that looks delicious…we know about trying to eat healthy here and on a budget too! We love stir fry with peanut sauce the flavor is amazing. We just watched a documentary last night about the hidden addictive’s that companies put in food to make you want to keep eating more and more. Also they were exposing all of the foods the turn into sugar when they hit your body. We learned that eating parsley and cilantro is a natural body detoxifier. Speaking of eating healthy I need to get a short bio from you for the food blog.

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