Friday, January Twenty-fifth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

rsz_img_2585 (1)IMG_1706_1

We heard you weren’t feeling well. Kristina made this amazing chicken noodle soup… wish we could bring you some. |Toledo,OH

With the cold temps this week, I made pumpkin leek soup one evening, along with these heart-shaped biscuits. I had a few the next afternoon with some coffee before class |Kansas City, MO

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2 thoughts on “Friday, January Twenty-fifth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

  1. Aw, thanks! Kristina, your soup looks really tasty! I love that it has such big noodles; those are the best! Did you make them?

    I made soup earlier this week, too, though not chicken noodle soup. It’s time to grocery shop again, though, so it was quite a bit modified from the original recipe based on what we actually had :-P.

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