Monday, March Fourth, Two Thousand & Thirteen


Oh how I have longed for an organic worship night. We gathered in a friends living room and worshiped Jesus acoustic style it was really fun. I hope to host some of theses at our house soon.  |Toledo,OH

This month One More Cup, a local coffee shop owned by one of the families from my center, is hosting an exhibit of art pieces done by the preschool classes at my center. The art (including these two pieces) is for sale to help raise money to fund future projects in the classes. On Sunday Derek and I attended the opening reception where the students were able to show off their work and eat cookies they helped make themselves. |Kansas City, MO

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2 thoughts on “Monday, March Fourth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

  1. I’m not sure. It goes all through this month so we should probably hear at our next staff meeting. I know I saw one parent buy a piece at least (the one on the right in this picture)

    I love that you guys hosted a worship night! I know you’ve been wanting to do that for a long time 🙂

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