Friday, March Twenty-Ninth, Two Thousand & Thirteen


Oh Happy day! On Thursday we finalized the adoption of Liam Everett Jones. We are so thankful we can be a forever family for him. It was a fun day. After court we headed back to our house with friends for a brunch.| Toledo,OH 

Sunshine, open windows, and a half-day at work marked a welcome rest from a very long, exhausting week of homework | Kansas City, MO

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3 thoughts on “Friday, March Twenty-Ninth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

  1. So happy that Liam found his forever family with you! I’ve thought about you guys a lot these past couple weeks as we’ve seen first-hand some of the brokenness of the foster system here in Kansas City (a lot of decisions made with anything but the best interest of the child in mind). I am always encouraged by your story, though, and how faithful God has been walking you through the whole process, and even in how He has guarded your heart by always indicating right away which children will be your forever sons.

    • Thanks, Becca, I have seen a lot of brokenness too in the foster system here, we are so thankful our adoptions went as smoothly as possible though. Adopting little Liam was such an emotional, happy day for me. It is true, out of 6 kids, I felt each time which ones were supposed to be a part of our forever family early on. It has definitely stretched and strengthened our faith!

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