Friday, May Third, Two Thousand and Thirteen


The boys love getting their hands dirty so gardening was a perfect project for them. We planted romas, spinach and romaine lettuce so far. |Toledo,OH

Tuesday evening I gathered with several other women to celebrate our good friend Maria as she prepares to get married. We washed her feet and then prayed over her as she walked down a tree-lined path (symbolizing her walk with the Lord from her old single life to her new married life). Then we all went to a local restaurant to celebrate with her. |Kansas City, MO

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5 thoughts on “Friday, May Third, Two Thousand and Thirteen

    • Rebecca they absolutely love love the dirt and dig in the yard everyday. It was really fun teaching them about gardening…Elijah gets really excited about helping too.

  1. Our friend Kate came up with the idea and I guess they have done this for several Boiler Room brides in the past year, though this is the first one I’ve been, too. It was a really neat time.

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