Monday, June Seventeenth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_9378June 17, 2013

My basil is growing beautifully, I think we me be ready for the first harvest to make some delicious organic pesto! |Toledo, Oh

This weekend we celebrated yet another Boiler Room wedding, this time for Ricky and Whitney. We all sat on picnic blankets for the ceremony and reception, threw sprinkles and glitter as they walked down the aisle, and ate snow cones and cotton candy. The wedding ended with a thunderstorm, but the couple just kept on grinning and did their first dance in the pouring rain! |Kansas City, MO

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3 thoughts on “Monday, June Seventeenth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

  1. I love basil! And homemade pesto is the best! Did you know that if you snip off a stem of basil and put it in water, it’ll grow roots and you can replant it? That’s how I got my basil plant (from a friend) and I’m rooting a few more to put in the new herb garden.

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