Friday, July Twelfth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_9641July 12, 2013\

A  fun evening of eating, laughing and playing games with some friends that live in the South Toledo Community! |Toledo,OH

Even after making blueberry jam this past weekend, I still had plenty of berries of left so I made this rustic blueberry tart (so much easier than pie) for collective on Wednesday. It was so delicious (and beautiful!) that I made another batch the next day for some dinner guests! |Kansas City, MO

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5 thoughts on “Friday, July Twelfth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

  1. So pretty! Wish you could mail some my way, I might like making tarts if it’s easier than a pie. Pies seem tedious. Love the rustic look.

    • Rustic tarts are so much easier than pie! You don’t have to worry about pretty edges because they’re supposed to look rustic :-). You just have to roll the dough out in a general circle-ish shape, plop the filling in the middle, fold the edges in, and bake it! (you can brush the edges with egg white and sprinkle with sugar, too, like I did here, but I’m sure it would be fine without that, too). The best crusts have plenty of butter in them, though (that seems to be the secret to really good crusts — not surprisingly!)

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