Monday, June Twenty-Fourth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

foodJune 24, 2013

Friday night we ate a really delicious meal together. Since we have cut back on eating red meat, Kristina has been trying to find other types of healthier meat to add to out diets. Tonight we ate breaded scallops, roasted peppers and baked potato wedges with a homemade romesco sauce. It was so so good. |Toledo, OH 

This past week the Boiler Room hosted a kids art camp. Though I worked during the hours they had the camp, Derek and I attended their closing performance on Saturday, a skit called “The Congo Boy”, and got to see some of the beautiful, creative artwork they made during the course of the week |Kansas City, MO


Friday, June Twenty-First, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_3933June 21, 2013

So Kristina has been sewing lately and loving it. Here is the pillow she made from the remnants of some curtains we purchased from IKEA. |Toledo,OH

This week we had a friend Lebecka over for dinner, our first dinner guest in the new house! We ended the meal with bananas, sliced and fried in a bit of oil, then drizzled with honey. |Kansas City, MO

Monday, June Seventeenth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_9378June 17, 2013

My basil is growing beautifully, I think we me be ready for the first harvest to make some delicious organic pesto! |Toledo, Oh

This weekend we celebrated yet another Boiler Room wedding, this time for Ricky and Whitney. We all sat on picnic blankets for the ceremony and reception, threw sprinkles and glitter as they walked down the aisle, and ate snow cones and cotton candy. The wedding ended with a thunderstorm, but the couple just kept on grinning and did their first dance in the pouring rain! |Kansas City, MO

Friday, June Fourteenth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_7717June 14, 2013

Home sweet home! So glad to be back with family. We took a trip out to Maumee Bay State Park and had a picnic,  the boys love the water so much they could played their for hours. |Toledo, Oh

This week we finally tilled a plot for our sweet potatoes and another plot for herbs in the front yard of the new house (we had run out of time for these two when we tilled the rest of the garden earlier this spring) |Kansas City, MO

Monday, June Tenth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_7700June 10, 2013

Early Saturday morning my friend Pat and I made it down to their local farmers market. Everything there was so fresh and full of life, these cherries were so juicy and so delicious. The were  special bread that had a tiny seed. |Toledo,Oh

On Saturday Hyde Park held their annual garage sale with dozens of garage sales happening around the neighborhood. Derek and I walked around with our friend Marcel and scored some good deals, including some vintage tablecloths and these leather journals |Kansas City, MO

Friday, June Seventh, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_6807June 7, 2013

While on my trip out west I took a visit to Tacoma WA. I loved this city so much it would be a fun place to live. This beautiful building caught my eye while I was wondering the streets alone and being a tourist. |Toledo,OH 

The Boiler Room held another prayer week this week, ironically focused on “home” and especially on making home for the Lord in our lives and hearts. The prayer room was filled with furniture and details that made it feel homey as I spent time with the Lord there |Kansas City, MO

Monday, June Third, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_6762June 3, 2013

Road trip! I spent three days on the road with a friend driving a 26ft Penske truck to Washington State. I’m so glad I got this opportunity to travel. It was really fun having Eric as a driving partner because we have a lot in common. I went crazy with my camera snapping away. | Toledo, Ohio 

Our roommate’s cat, Necco, joined us in our little sitting room as we enjoyed our morning coffee the day after our move |Kansas City, MO

Friday, May Thirty-First, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_5952May 31, 2013

For memorial day the launch team of CityLight gathered for a Memorial Day weekend cook out. It was really fun connecting with old and new friends. The weather was perfect that day. We ended the night with a bonfire. |Toledo,OH

Today involved many, many trips up and down these stairs as we moved out of our apartment and into a new house, then helped some friends move out of their apartment and into our apartment. |Kansas City, MO

Monday, May Twenty-Seventh, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_5375May 27, 2013

Enjoyed breakfast with a really good friend at Glass City Cafe. We talked about life and we were able to encourage each other. So thankful for friendships like this. |Toledo, OH

This weekend we celebrated the wedding of our good friends, Josh and Amanda. They got married in an outdoor wedding that looked like it could have come straight out of a magazine, from the picnic baskets at each table to the fabric garlands in the barn to Amanda’s stunning vintage wedding gown. The best part, though, was celebrating the goodness and beauty of how God brought the two of them together |Kansas City, MO

Friday, May Twenty-Fourth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_3855May 24, 2013

It was a cold spring day and I went exploring in the city! So lately I have been experimenting with some different styles  of photography. I would call this photojournalistic abstract if you will. This is the Green Lantern Cafe on Broadway Street. |Toledo,OH

Tuesday evening we gathered with our collective for an informal picnic on the lawn of the art museum |Kansas City, MO