Monday, July Twenty-ninth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_3215July 29, 2013

On Friday I was invited to join Joe Ligget and this gentleman Joseph Matthews and his wife to worship and pray over our city at the court house. They are on a mission to make it to all of the main court houses in Ohio! It’s called the Presence 88 Project. They pray and sing prophetic songs and take communion! It was a beautiful day declaring scripture and prophetic songs over the city! |Toledo,OH

Our house has begun to shift and change to accommodate our newest housemate, Lyric, who began moving in this weekend. This cupboard is a piece she brought with her and fits just right in the corner of the kitchen. |Kansas City, MO


Friday, July Twenty-Sixth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_2762July 26, 2013

For Kristina’s birthday we had a fun date night! We ate at Zingo’s Mediterranean restaurant and walked along the Maumee river! So thankful for the Clark girls we were to hire for sitting! |Toledo, OH

Since we moved into our new house, we have been slowly adding and updating things to fit our tastes. This past week we replaced the tan rug here with a more colorful one we bought on craigslist. It smelled a bit musty from being stored in a basement, so we made this homemade carpet deodorizer out of baking soda, borax, and cloves to help freshen it up. |Kansas City, MO

Monday, July Twenty-Second, Two Thousand & Thirteen

21July 22, 2013

Sunday night we gathered with friends at the Toledo Zoo amphitheater for a free music Under The Stars concert! It was a perfect summer evening with temperatures in the mid 70’s. Not only did the Toledo Symphony entertain us but we were also accompanied by the Toledo Ballet and Opera singers too! |Toledo,OH 

Saturday morning we gathered for a going-away brunch for Maggie before she left for France again today. I brought two kinds of pancakes, including these buckwheat pancakes (for our gluten-free friends) topped with roasted peaches. |Kansas City, MO

Friday, July Nineteenth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_2594July 19, 2013

Today we went to the open house of Peace Love & Pottery, which is a studio where you can make and paint pottery. Julianne in the middle is the owner. She attends CityLight. It has been fun getting to know her and Nate better!  This place is amazing! Kristina said this is going to be her happy go to place. Everyone that came was welcomed to make a a tile for the community wall. The studio is absolutely stunning. Just picture distressed turquoise barn doors, Italian light strung above your head and shelves of white pottery waiting to come alive! The out of focus shot is of Amy, Sarah’s sister, who also goes to CityLight now! Afterwards we gathered at the Mediterranean Restaurant next door for a delicious lunch. |Toledo, OH

This week I finally ordered yellow trim and picked up white sheets to make curtains for our new dining room and living room. I finished two of the curtains over the weekend and love how they brighten up the space. After doing the first one, though, I discovered that all this pinning — which took so much time! — actually made it harder to sew! Now that I know, the next three should go quicker I think. |Kansas City, MO

Monday, July Fifteenth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

233July 15, 2013

It’s finally basil picking season! We have 5 plants in our garden and just made our first batch of pesto! I love this time of year so much. When I saw your photo I laughed because ours for this week is so similar…great minds think alike!  |Toledo, OH

This must be the season for an abundance of beautiful fresh fruit. This week we got permission to pick plums from a neighbor’s yard after noticing them dropping all over the sidewalk. In a short time, we had filled three huge bowls with perfectly ripe and juicy plums and there was still so many more left! We made plum jam today and plan to make plum butter later in the week. |Kansas City, MO

Friday, July Twelfth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_9641July 12, 2013\

A  fun evening of eating, laughing and playing games with some friends that live in the South Toledo Community! |Toledo,OH

Even after making blueberry jam this past weekend, I still had plenty of berries of left so I made this rustic blueberry tart (so much easier than pie) for collective on Wednesday. It was so delicious (and beautiful!) that I made another batch the next day for some dinner guests! |Kansas City, MO

Monday, July Eighth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

tJuly 8, 2013

We headed up North to celebrate Independence Day at Freedom Fest! It was so much fun seeing friends that we hadn’t seen for awhile too! We enjoyed free games, food, drinks and ice cream. We ended the night watching the fireworks with John, Julie and Gavin the baby! | Toledo, OH 

Our holiday weekend included a picnic dinner and swimming at a local state park with our housemates and some other friends from our community |Kansas City, MO

Friday, July Fifth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

44July 5, 2013

Time to Celebrate Elijah turned FIVE on July 1st! It was a rainy day so we went to the movies and saw The Croods in 3d. Once again we ate more popcorn, sweet drinks and candy. We had a private birthday singing and a small brownie cake to celebrate his birth. It was so cute hearing Mattais sing happy birthday dear Elijah. |Toledo,OH

We had a quieter celebration this fourth of July, mostly staying home that day while Derek grilled ribs on the charcoal grill we just bought. |Kansas City, MO

Monday, July First, Two Thousand & Thirteen

567July 1, 2013

On Saturday there was a cultural festival in Holland. So we packed up the  swagger wagon and headed out. The weather was perfect, we all enjoyed exploring different cultures and eating unlimited popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones. For lunch the boys had their favorite Italian pizza. Kristina ran into an old friend that owns a middle eastern restaurant, we went to here both and she gave us freebies! It was so delicious! |Toledo,OH

Saturday included blueberry picking and lunch with friends, followed by a phone date with a friend back in Ohio, and then a picnic dinner in the park with more friends and an outdoor showing of “As You Like It”. So many fun things it was hard to choose just one photo! |Kansas City, MO

Friday, June Twenty-Eighth, Two Thousand & Thirteen

IMG_6037June 28, 2013

So George has decided to help me build a coop during his free time. He has become quite the coop maker. This one that we are making is from all recycled wood that I found at a shipping place near my our place. |Toledo,OH

We started our weekend with date night tonight: burgers at a local place and then a walk through Loose Park. This giant old tree caught our attention as we walked |Kansas City, MO